Harsumeet Singh

A driven entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience in the software development field


Unoiatech, SeeSaw, Out Of Options


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My Story

I lead a team of designers and developers at UnoiaTech, an Application Design & Development Agency based in Mohali, India. Our primary operations involve offering software development services to our clients in the US & Europe.

While managing my team, I am handling CTO responsibilities for two Tech Start ups, one based out of the U.S. (SeeSaw) and one based in Sweden(Out Of Options). I own shares in both companies.

I’ve dedicated my career to helping brands digitally transform and believe design and technology can solve the points of tension that exist between companies and the communities they serve.

What I do

2019 - Now

CTO & Co-Founder at SeeSaw

2017 - Now

CTO & Co-Founder at O3Sweden

2013 - Now

CEO & Founder at Unoiatech

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